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Case History - Leck Fell


The challenge was to upgrade a crumbling farmhouse high up in the hills above Kirkby Lonsdale. Situated at 1300 feet up on a very exposed site, with no mains services it was definitely going to need some thought.

After due deliberation with the owners Alan & Brenda Middleton, we decided that the best course of action was to demolish & start again.

Alan already had a good idea of what he wanted, so it was a case of coming up with some drawings, courtesy of Simon Hargreaves Associates, and deciding how to proceed.

We started to strip out the house in April 2012. Demolition & Groundworks were carried out by L & W Wilson, Endmoor.

  • leck-fell-digging-out
  • leck-fell-front
  • leck-fell-rear
  • leck-fell-front-view-nearly-there
  • leck-fell-fear-view
  • leck-fell-sips-panels-going-up
  • leck-fell-roof-going-on
  • leck-fell-the-finished-project
  • Leck Fell - Digging Out
  • Leck Fell - Front
  • Leck Fell - Rear
  • Leck Fell - Front view - Nearly there
  • Leck Fell - Rear View - Nearly there
  • Leck Fell - Sips panels going up
  • Leck Fell - Roof going on
  • Leck Fell - The finished project

All the stone was stockpiled for re-use either for stonefacing or hardcore.
Some of the oak beams were re-used in the build.

The lower section of the house is built into the hillside and is of traditional block cavity wall with stone facing.
Concrete beam and block form the floor to the upper section which is then constructed using SIPs panels with a concrete block skin, and  stone faced.

The Sips panels are highly insulated panels which are built up on site, and as they form the roof structure, they also saved a lot of construction time on a site that neede to be waterproof quickly.

The house was built using our own team of Builders, sub contractors from within our own pool, and a couple of specialist sub contractors for the SIPs Panels and floor screeds.

The house is heated by underfloor heating and radiators, from an oil fired Raeburn, and powered with PV cells, small wind turbine & generator back up.

The family moved in, in February 2013, the main observation being that they had to keep turning the heating down.


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