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Case History - Cantsfield

This project came via a friend of the customer who recommended our work.

The Farmhouse was damp and cold. Outbuildings overshadowed the kitchen, and a kitchen extension was planned.

The customer had previous experience of renovating a property, and knew what they wanted. So in early October we ‘evicted’ the family, and proceeded to completely gut the house. We demolished the outbuildings, and dug out a large patio area. We took out walls, repositioned stud partitions,took out a large section of  house wall and fitted steel beams.

All the existing walls were lined with studwork, with a breathable membrane separating the external walls & stud. Rigid insulation boards were fitted between the studs and thermal plasterboard fastened to the studs. All the ground floor has been insulated and underfloor heating laid. Additionally, new Electrics and plumbing fitted.

We built an extension to enlarge the kitchen, & fitted new windows and doors throughout. The old dairy, which was previously only attached to the house by the roof, has been integrated into the main house to provide a utility room and wet entrance where the owner can enter the house and shed wet coats & wellies.

The next phase of the job is to lay floor tiles & engineered laminate to the ground floor.

  • cantsfield-job-before
  • cantsfield-job-nearing-completion
  • Cantsfield at the outset
  • Cantsfield - nearing completion

Hopefully we will soon have internal pictures of the finished product.

The customer will end up with a highly insulated draught free home, which has been designed & built to their requirements.
We have maintained a great working relationship with the customers, even though they have had to put up with a certain amount of upheaval whilst we carried out the work.

I look forward to seeing them installed in their new home very shortly, and the children will be able to play with their Christmas toys at last.

Case History - Storth


This was the latest in a number of visits to a regular customer. We have worked on two previous houses, and they were not going to move again, however Mark & Jayne Buchanan spotted an old farmhouse, which was lived in but required some TLC.

Fortunately they were far sighted enough to see the potential that the house had to offer.

There were two outbuildings tagged on to the property, whch after much thought and planning were converted into what has become a fabulous split level kitchen & living room, complete with insulated walls, underfloor heating & slate floors, which provides them with a warm spacious working,  eating and playing environment.

  • storth-groundworks
  • storth- under-construction
  • storth-view-showing-timber-retaining-wall-to-the-path
  • storth-shell-completed
  • storth-extension
  • storth-shell-completed
  • Storth Groundworks
  • Storth - Under Construction
  • Storth - showing timber retaining wall to the path
  • Storth - Shell Completed
  • Storth - Extension
  • Storth - Completed

We have since built an extension to house the stairs. This clever design brought the stairs into the middle of the house instead of right at one end, and freed up another room on the ground floor. Add a base and walls for the conservatory, tile the floors, and as you can see from the final picture it gives the house some serious kerb appeal.


Case History - Leck Fell


The challenge was to upgrade a crumbling farmhouse high up in the hills above Kirkby Lonsdale. Situated at 1300 feet up on a very exposed site, with no mains services it was definitely going to need some thought.

After due deliberation with the owners Alan & Brenda Middleton, we decided that the best course of action was to demolish & start again.

Alan already had a good idea of what he wanted, so it was a case of coming up with some drawings, courtesy of Simon Hargreaves Associates, and deciding how to proceed.

We started to strip out the house in April 2012. Demolition & Groundworks were carried out by L & W Wilson, Endmoor.

  • leck-fell-digging-out
  • leck-fell-front
  • leck-fell-rear
  • leck-fell-front-view-nearly-there
  • leck-fell-fear-view
  • leck-fell-sips-panels-going-up
  • leck-fell-roof-going-on
  • leck-fell-the-finished-project
  • Leck Fell - Digging Out
  • Leck Fell - Front
  • Leck Fell - Rear
  • Leck Fell - Front view - Nearly there
  • Leck Fell - Rear View - Nearly there
  • Leck Fell - Sips panels going up
  • Leck Fell - Roof going on
  • Leck Fell - The finished project

All the stone was stockpiled for re-use either for stonefacing or hardcore.
Some of the oak beams were re-used in the build.

The lower section of the house is built into the hillside and is of traditional block cavity wall with stone facing.
Concrete beam and block form the floor to the upper section which is then constructed using SIPs panels with a concrete block skin, and  stone faced.

The Sips panels are highly insulated panels which are built up on site, and as they form the roof structure, they also saved a lot of construction time on a site that neede to be waterproof quickly.

The house was built using our own team of Builders, sub contractors from within our own pool, and a couple of specialist sub contractors for the SIPs Panels and floor screeds.

The house is heated by underfloor heating and radiators, from an oil fired Raeburn, and powered with PV cells, small wind turbine & generator back up.

The family moved in, in February 2013, the main observation being that they had to keep turning the heating down.


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